A Gift Inside

A Gift Inside

A Gift Inside: Handpicked, Handmade, Hand Packed and Delivered!

We are excited and proud to bring to you delicious offerings from each of our brands and more, perfectly packaged and brimming with the very best in gourmet to delight family, friends and corporate recipients alike.

Our hand-packed gifts feature:

Creamy, tender pears and other fresh fruit, hand-picked from our California orchards and packed into your gifts the day they ship.

Small batch, hand-dipped real chocolate creations fashioned by our in-house CY Chocolates artisans.

Specialty gourmet foods including cheeses crafted from small, sustainably-farmed dairies, deluxe nut mixes, hand-packed dried fruit gifts, and beautifully presented towers, tins, and baskets.

Customizable monthly fruit and gourmet clubs with Free Shipping.

Executive gifts for office sharing and client appreciation.

Whether you are celebrating the Holidays, a birthday or creating a memorable professional impression, A Gift Inside will deliver the quality and care you deserve and expect. We invite you to think "inside" the box and explore our collection of unique and delicious gifts specially crafted for every occasion.

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